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The Governor and the Government of the Chelyabinsk region

Symbolism and Charter of Chelyabinsk Region

Coat of Arms of Chelyabinsk Region


The coat of arms of Chelyabinsk region shows a red shield with a silver double-humped camel carrying golden baggage. The double-humped camel reproduces the basic element of the historic coat of arms of Iset province, the centre of which was Chelyabinsk in the XVIII century.

The shield is surmounted by a golden land crown and surrounded by two ribbons of the Order of Lenin. The historical land crown reflects the status of Chelyabinsk region as the constituent entity of the Russian Federation. Two ribbons of the Order of Lenin, awarded to the region in 1956 and 1970, demonstrate the merits of Chelyabinsk region. The red background of the shield symbolizes the contribution of steelworkers, engineering workers, casters and power engineering specialists as well as the considerable industrial potential of the region. The golden color represents the unique South Urals nature and unlimited wealth of the Ural subsoil resources. Thus, the symbols of the coat of arms indicate a special place of the region in the Russian Federation, its historical, economic and geographic features, its importance as the outpost on the south-eastern borders of the Russian Federation.


Flag of Chelyabinsk region


The key figure of Chelyabinsk region is a white double-humped camel carrying yellow baggage. This is a sturdy noble animal looking respectable and allegorically depicting wisdom, longevity, memory, loyalty and patience.
Like on the arms the double-humped camel on the flag represents the basic element of the historic coat of arms of Iset province.

The red background of the flag is the color of life, mercy and love. It symbolizes courage, power, fire, feelings, beauty and health. At the same time it identifies the work of engineers in the power industry. This adds industrial meaning to the flag.

The yellow stripe symbolizes the Ural Mountains connecting Europe and Asia, their beauty, grandeur, richness of their resources. The white color is the symbol of nobility, purity, justice and generosity.

Charter (Fundamental law) of Chelyabinsk region

The principle of subject and power division between the Russian Federation and its constituent entities was first documented in the Federal Agreement and then in the RF Constitution. These statutory provisions made the region a full-fledged entity of the Russian Federation. Observing the RF Constitution and the general principles stipulated by the federal laws the region began to set up its own state authority system, guarantees of rights and freedoms of citizens, arrange and control activity of local authorities, etc. The region began to perform law-making and managerial functions in the scope of its own subjects.
The Constitution of the Russian Federation stipulated the principle according to which if there arise any discrepancy between statutory provision accepted by the RF constituent entity in its scope and the federal laws the provision of the RF constituent entity prevails.

The regional Charter is a link through which constitutional regulations and federal laws and provisions are transformed into statutory provisions of the RF constituent entity being critical for the unity of the law system of the state. The Charter of the region plays a backbone role in the whole system of statutory regulation.

Created: September 16, 2010
Updated: September 09, 2011

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