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The Governor and the Government of the Chelyabinsk region

Head of the Region: «President's Message is Guide for Action for Regional Government»

December 04, 2015

Boris Dubrovskiy, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region, commented on the most important, at his opinion, theses of the message of Vladimir Putin, Russian President, to the Federal Assembly.

In particular, Boris Dubrovskiy paid special attention to a thesis of the head of the state on the need to strengthen the confidence between the government and business and to improve the business climate in the country. In President's opinion, freedom of enterprise is the most important issue for the economy and society. «Freedom of enterprise, extension of freedom of enterprise is the exact thing that we have to respond with to all restrictions that are created for us,» President said. Boris Dubrovskiy, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region, declared that he was fully supportive of this order given by Vladimir Putin. Over the last years, methodical efforts were made to eliminate the administrative barriers for the business. This activities are personally controlled by Dubrovskiy. He also established the development of small and medium business as the main direction for the territories. «We closely cooperate with the Strategic Initiatives Agency, investigate and implement the most successful practices for support of small and medium business. It is not only about consulting services but also about accounting and legal backing for business projects that we plan to provide,» the Governor said. «I fully agree with Vladimir Vladimirovich that small and medium business can become one of the economy drivers, especially, in the context of sanctions applied.»

The Governor also marked a thesis of President Vladimir Putin on support of the agriculture sector, ensuring country's food security and taking non-used agricultural lands into the operation. «We need to take in operation millions hectares of tillage that are not used today and are owned by large landholders many of which are not eager of practicing agriculture» said, in particular, President. «I propose to seize agricultural lands from careless landholders that do not use such lands for intended purpose and sell by auction to persons who want and are able to cultivate the land.»

Boris Dubrovskiy, the Governor, noted that the Chelyabinsk Region had already come forward before the Federal Assembly with an initiative for increasing legislative pressure in this area: «This is a really significant problem for us as a lot of land plots were bought in the past which are not used today. I am sure that the President's order will help to put things right in this area and will stimulate the development of the agriculture industry both in our region and throughout the country.»

Another Vladimir Putin's comment was related to the support of particular industries: «It should be taken into account that a number of industries are now under the risk. These are, first of all, construction, automotive industry, consumer goods industry, rolling-stock manufacturing industry. For such industries, special support programs must be provided for by the government. Sufficient funds have been provided for this purpose.»

Boris Dubrovskiy is sure that such support will make a positive effect on the economy of the Chelyabinsk Region as well: «Many industries are interconnected. Federal support of machine-building and automotive industries will also give raise to the development of the metallurgical industry. Development of construction will provide work places for thousands of specialists and will make the housing more affordable for the region's residents.»

Speaking broadly on his impressions of the message, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region said, «Vladimir Vladimirovich declared a number of the critical areas of development for the country, both in economical and social directions. These will become a guideline for action for us and a force application vector for regional government.»

Created: December 04, 2015

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