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URAL, Automotive Plant (UralAz)

The history of “Ural Automotive Plant” exceeds fifty years and it started upon the resolution of the State Defense Committee of 30 November 1941 to establish automotive and casting production evacuated from “Moscow Automotive Plant” named after Stalin in Miass, Chelyabinsk region. In 1942 the first motors and gearboxes were assembled. But the country needed trucks and the plant was transformed into the automotive one. On 20 July 1944 the first batch of the new plant was sent to the battlefront. 30 September 1944 witnessed the thousandth truck released from the assembly-line. During the first year of production the plant sent 6,800 trucks to the battlefront and home front. Ural trucks and renowned Katyushas mounted on them were used at all the battlefronts of the Great Patriotic War.

After the war the plant began to supply the whole country with trucks. In 2001 the production facilities of “UralAz” were restructured into “Ural Automotive Plant”. It is part of GAZ group and the basic asset in the truck production line of business.

Today “Ural Automotive Plant” manufactures four-wheel drive off-road trucks, over-the-road lorries and crew buses. Ural truck chassis are used to mount more than 400 special vehicles.

Website: www.uralaz.ru

Address: Avtozavodtsev Street, 1, Miass, Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation, 456300
Phone: +7 (3513) 55-16-37

Created: November 17, 2010
Updated: June 26, 2012

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