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Turgoyak Lake (Vera Island)

Turgoyak is a unique lake. Due to its exceptional purity it was included into the list of the most precious global bodies of water. This is a reservoir of pure drinking water whose quality is similar to that of Baikal. In our country the lake is included into the index of attractive landscapes.

This deep lake is the most transparent in the Urals. There is more than half a billion tons of fresh water under the surface area of 26.4 sq. km. The length of the lake is 6.9 km, its maximum width is 6.3 km, the coastline is 27 km long. Turgoyak is located in the deep hollow between the mountain ranges Ural-Tau and Ilmeny 320 m above sea level.

The lake has six islands, the large rivers of Bobrovka, Kuleshovka, Lipovka and Pugachevka flow into it, and only one river Istok takes its source from Turgoyak. Tourists have the opportunity  to see Inyshevsk gulf as well as visit the largest island on the lake – St. Vera Island where a small secluded monastery of Old Believers was once situated. The name of the island is closely connected with the legend about a hermitess living on the solitary island surrounded by Turgoyak waters in the early XIX century. Old Believers respected her even during her life. After her death she was canonized. The ancient relics of the island are megaliths – big cult constructions out of giant stones similar to famous megaliths of Western Europe, Middle East and dolmens of Caucasus.

Website: www.turgoyak.com

Created: November 12, 2010
Updated: December 09, 2010

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