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Russian Brazil Mineralogical Landmark

ТопазNear the town of Plast in the Chelyabinsk Region, there is a famous mineralogical province with an intriguing name Russian Brazil - the only area in Russia where pink and wine-yellow topazes have been mined and where diamonds and a rare mineral euclase have been found. This interesting name was invented a century and a half ago by a Russian academician N.N. Koksharov when he saw these semiprecious stones. And they were brought not from South America where famous diamonds and semiprecious stones placers can be found in abundance but from South Urals.

Russian Brazil is located near the town of Plast on the banks of the rivers Kamenka and Sanarka in the midst of gold sand, woods and old bold mountains.

What does Russian Brazil mean for the experts and connoisseurs of the Ural minerals? First of all, this means gold and rare precious stones. As such, euclases and pink topazes have been attracting generations of precious stones enthusiasts. We can name a dozen more local minerals worth the interest - rubins, chrysoberyls, aquamarines, spinels which also have not left unfazed those interested in precious stones. But only when one gets to know this special place, its history and nature, landscapes and geology, a real mineralogical depository, a special and unique mineralogical world, is revealed.

Many deposits, still not fully uncovered by geologists, are one of the mysteries of this land. Unique mineralogy and even more amazing geology structure of Andreevsky, Sanarsky and Krestovozdvizhenskly lead-zinc mines make them natural and historical monuments. Extremely rare minerals for the Urals and Russia like clinoclase, olivinite, partzite, romeite, and sabelliit have been found here.

The treasures have been attractive for many - the placers are rich in topazes, rubins, euclases, and aquamarines. Also, in this place one can witness a mysterious crystalline triangle - in the middle of the last century a three-ton rock crystal was discovered here. To this day, amethysts, red and white asteria, gold, and diamonds are found on the banks of rivers Kamenka, Sanarka and Kabanka and Kochkarsky gold diggings as this area is called.

Address: 56a, ul. Oktyabrskaya, Plast, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia, 457020
Phone: +7 (35160) 2-12-92, Local History and Lore Museum


Created: February 06, 2012
Updated: June 26, 2012

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