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Ilmen Wildlife Park

The research history of the Ilmen Mountains began 200 years ago when Russia and Europe learnt about their riches and peculiarity. In order to prevent plundering in 1920 the Ilmen Mountains were declared mineral conservation area, and one of the first wildlife parks in Russia. The park comprises the whole Ilmeny range 60 km long and eastern foothills with the Argazi lakes (western part) in the north, Bolshoi and Maly Kisegach and Argayash in the south. The highest peak in the park is Ilmen-Tau located 750 m above sea level.

The peculiarity and richness of the park fauna is provided by the combination of taiga and steppe species. There are ground squirrels, elks, white and grey hares, ermines, weasels, imperial eagles and white-tailed eagles, European and oriental cuckoo, woodcocks, whooper swans, cranes, peregrines.

Since 1936 there has been a museum of natural history in the park. It is among the top five largest geologic and mineral museums in the country. The museum begins with a historic hall. Here you can see materials dedicated to the history of Ilmeny research and milestones.

The Ilmeny hall exhibits samples of rock and minerals of the Ilmeny Mountains. Near the hall there is a collection of minerals from the parks similar to Ilmeny: Vishnevogorsk, Lovozersk and Khibinsk areas. The systematic hall has 764 types of minerals and their variations. The hall of deposit mineralogy demonstrates ca. 700 samples.

Website: www.igz.ilmeny.ac.ru

Address:  Il'menskii Zapovednik, Miass, Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation, 456317
Phone: +7 (3513) 59-18-48

Created: November 12, 2010
Updated: June 26, 2012

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