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Arkaim, Historical and Cultural Center

Arkaim fortified settlement was discovered in 1987 by the archaeological expedition of Chelyabinsk State University during the survey of Bolshaya Karaganka river valley where a water storage basin was planned. The first months of excavations showed that Arkaim was the unique cultural site which existed in the South Ural steppe in III-II thousand years B.C. The culture was called sintashti (another name is Sintashta-Arkaim).

Due to firm actions of academics from the Russian Academy of Sciences and Chelyabinsk State University the construction of the irrigation system was stopped and Arkaim valley was given for the creation of natural historical and archaeological site. Arkaim diggings were carried out in 1987-1995 by the archaeological expeditions from the Urals and Kazakhstan under the guidance of Professor G.B. Zdanovich.

Arkaim settlement consisted of two circular walls of dwellings, each surrounded by a defense wall and a moat. There was a rectangular vacant square. 60 dwellings were found, half of them discovered in the course of diggings. There were discovered wall remnants, complicated systems of rainwater sewage and drainage, metal, ceramic and domestic furnaces, wells, traces of ritual actions and home utensils. Arkaim is part of the facilities called “Strana Gorodov” (“Country of cities”) whose border covers the south of Chelyabinsk region, eastern parts of Bashkortostan and Orenburg region, as well as the adjacent regions of the North Caucasus.

Today the staff of Arkaim historical and cultural site and Chelyabinsk State University are engaged in archaeological and ethnographic research. Their basic principle is integrated approach to the study of antiquity as the relationship of natural systems and human societies.

The research is conducted together with universities and scientific organizations of England, USA, Germany and Japan. Avid interest in the sites like Sintashta-Arkaim is expressed not only by archaeologists and culture experts, but also linguists who study the origin and early history of the Indo-European world.

The exterior of the sites such as fortified settlements, necropolises, and ancient mines attract tourists.

Website: www.arkaim-center.ru

Address: Voroshilov Street, 6, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation, 454014
Phone: +7 (351) 218-40-35

Created: November 12, 2010
Updated: April 26, 2013

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