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The Governor and the Government of the Chelyabinsk region

KIROVKA, a Street for Pedestrians (the Chelyabinsk Arbat)

It is the most popular sightseeing attraction and vacation destination for the city’s residents and guests. It is situated in the center, within a stretch of Kirov Street which has been closed to auto transport and made pedestrian-only. 

It is one of the oldest local streets where illustrious merchants’ houses and shops were located in the century before last. Many of the buildings which are historical and cultural monuments have been restored during reconstruction.

Multiple sculptures impart a bright coloring to the pedestrian and recreation zone. Most of those sculptures are thematically connected to their location. Thus, the arch at the entrance of Kirovka is a replica of the arch that had been a gateway to the Migration Center one hundred years ago. Sculptures showing camels as the symbols of Chelyabinsk and the sculpture of a Governor who formerly preserved peace and order on all town streets are standing not far away.  

“The Khodok”, a sculptural composition showing the figure of a peasant accompanied by a dog, looking into a decree, is located opposite the Chelyabinsk region Legislative Assembly. “The Saxophonist” is next to the bas-relief dedicated to Igor Burko, a jazzman playing with the famous Ural jazz band “Ural Dixieland”. The figure of “Young Fashionable Woman” looking in the glass is placed close to the fashion/clothes store, while the figure of “Shoe-Shine Boy” is next to a shoe store. “The Beggar” is close to the bank, being a keeper of its assets. Anyone who rubs his fingers over the Beggar’s hairless scalp and throws a coin into its hat is supposed to live a life of ease and flow. “The Veteran” is having a rest on a bench at the Boulevard of Valor.    

A monumental decorative composition dedicated to firemen is opposite to the former Fire Tower (which was located in a courtyard between the modern Yelkin and Kirov Streets in the early 20th century).   

The Ural master is personified in the figure of the Lefthander (Levsha), the left-handed craftsman from Tula who allegedly put horseshoes on a flea. Rows of local souvenir shopping stalls are on the right and left of the Lefthander. “The Artist” welcomes guests, and here you can see your own image reflected in the mirror-like artist easel.

The stela dedicated to the founders of Chelyabinsk is one of the emblematic sculptural compositions illustrating the location of the first Chelyabinsk stronghold. The stela contains a bronze group of four figures: the Cossack with a lance, the Bashkir, the Peasant with a two-handed saw and the Officer Tevkelev, fortress founder. The top of the monument has a spire with a figure of the Archangel Michael. On the sides of the stela are placed extracts from official documents and reports on important events in the life of the first Chelyabinsk settlers. 

“The Chelyabinsk Milestone”, a symbolic reference point, is also installed on Kirovka. Historically it is relative to this reference point that the distance from town to town is measured.

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Address: Ordzhonikidze Street, 58 A, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation, 454091
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Created: November 17, 2010
Updated: June 26, 2012

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