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Lake Uvildy

Uvildy is often called “a pearl of the South Urals”. This is a huge closed lake of tectonic origin formed some millions of years ago. Its size can be compared to the area of San Marino with 20,000 people.  The total area of the lake exceeds 68 sq. km. The maximum length of the lake is 14 km and the width is 9 km. The lake is located 2,275 m above sea level. The total volume of water exceeds one billion cubic meters. The total length of Uvildy coastline is more than one hundred km.

Uvildy mirror-like surface stretches on the eastern slope of the Urals range, near the foot of Fominka and Cheremshanka Mounts – in the west, Sobachya Mount – in the south-west, Barsuchya Mount – in the south. If you peek at the lake from the airplane window the surface will be like a pear thickening in the southern part. The lake water composition is also unique: its healthy properties contributed to a whole chain of health spa and resorts highly popular both among Ural citizens and guests.

The lake is peculiar as it has many islands: Berezovy, Olkhovy, Bukovy, Vyazovy, Elovy, Dolgonky, Morskoy. From spring to autumn one can encounter the rarest plants listed in the Red Book.


Created: November 17, 2010
Updated: December 09, 2010

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