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The Governor and the Government of the Chelyabinsk region

National Arts and Crafts Enterprise "Ural Bronze"

The National Arts and Crafts Enterprise CJSC “Ural Bronze” was established in August 1997. Its working area is 2,000 square meters and the workshops are staffed with skilled craftsmen: qualified sculptors, expert designers and highly experienced engravers. The enterprise is now a manufacturer of more than 400 types of products: from small souvenirs, cup trophies and statuettes to fireplaces, stair flights, tables and garden sculptures. Manual labor is employed for both piecework and small-batch production. Technical aluminum die castings and other non-ferrous metal casting products are manufactured along with art castings. Apart from the main production in Chelyabinsk, allied production workshops operate in the towns of Kasli, Kyshtym, Korkino and the village of Malyshevo in Sverdlovsk region. The enterprise has independently designed molding sand mixtures on the basis of domestic raw materials, as well as designed and manufactured their own foundry and stone-cutting equipment.

Works produced by the “Ural Bronze” enterprise were exhibited in the Moscow Kremlin and demonstrated at the exhibitions

arranged for the Days of Chelyabinsk Region in Moscow. The permanent Bronze Exhibition is opened at the Chelyabinsk Museum of Applied and Decorative Arts.

Website at: www.uralbronza.com

Address: Troickiy tract Street, 25 Б, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation, 454082
Phone: +7 (351) 262-13-48

Created: November 17, 2010
Updated: June 26, 2012

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