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Svetloe Proshloe, National award

“Svetloe Proshloe” national award is the symbol of public appreciation of people’s talents and merits to Chelyabinsk region. The award is given to outstanding personalities who made great contribution to the development of the region in economy, production, public and political life, culture, arts, science and sport.

The ceremony is arranged by the Government of Chelyabinsk region and Oleg Mityaev’s Fund. Oleg Mityaev is the Russian national performer, member of the Writer’s Union, poet and favorite singer known nearly to any citizen of the South Urals. He was born in Chelyabinsk but lives in Moscow now. His name has become a brand long ago. It was his initiative to establish “Svetloe Proshloe” award in the South Urals 6 years ago. Its name was taken from a famous song performed by Mityaev. By the way, there has been functioning a singer and songwriter club “Svetloe Proshloe” in Chelyabinsk for many years.

The winners of the national award were several dozens of renowned citizens of the South Urals. Among them are outstanding athletes, favorite actors and musicians, famous scholars, writers, political and public figures: Sergey Makarov, Aleksandr Maslyakov, Anatoly Karpov, Svyatoslav Balza, Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov, Anatoly Kroll, Gleb Panfilov, Vyacheslav Bykov, Leonid Bronevoy, Victor Khristenko, Yuri Galtsev, Andrey Panin, Galina Shcherbakova, Dmitry Tabarchuk, etc. All of them were awarded with a prestigious diploma and a statuette of a centaur with a flower on its chest made by the sculptor Ernst Neizvestny.

During its history the award has become so popular that the project moved far beyond Chelyabinsk region. In 2010 it was first given to the celebrities of the Middle Urals. The ceremony was arranged in Yekaterinburg

Website: www.fondmityaev.ru

Address: Karl Marx Street, 48, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation, 454091
Phone: +7 (351) 246-48-96

Created: January 11, 2011
Updated: January 16, 2017

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